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Sisters Janae and Jessie founded Moonseed in 2015, which is a collective of intuitive healers who together form an alternative healing practice and metaphysical marketplace. 

Years ago, we embarked on our own personal paths of healing and spiritual growth; each at our own pace and with different intentions. Though the process, for us both, has been long and treacherous at times, we ultimately landed at the same place. We made changes to take better care of ourselves, the community and the planet. However, there was still much growing to do.

One of the turning points for us occurred when we both (separately) saw a Medium/Clairaudient who told us that we would someday have successful careers in Healing Arts. Something about that resonated deeply within us. Holistic and alternative healing was something we grew up with. We come from a family of healers. It made sense. Though we hadn't yet figured out specifically what our life's purpose was, we realized that our careers in Corporate America were not serving our higher purpose.

Soon the desire to make the world a better place quickly expanded into this deep, passionate interest in elevating, as a community, to a higher state of consciousness. A mystic acceptance of divine principles. A sense of urgency to do the self-work in order to transform into a fit vehicle for such consciousness. A sense of responsibility to uplift others. A longing to help others to unlock their own light within. This passion pushed us to become the healers we are today.  

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janae archuleta - LOCATION: LOS ANGELES, CA

Reiki Wellbeing Center for Healing Arts

Janae is an Empath and holds several certifications including Holy Fire Reiki Master ART, Reiki Ryoho (Shoden and Okuden), Sound Healing, Crystal and Vibrational Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Psychic Reading and Tarot.

While working with clients, Janae is often able to connect with clients' spirit guides, power animals, and often loved ones who have crossed over. Her experience and training in various modalities allow her to create a uniquely, well-rounded and deep healing experience.

In addition to individual healing sessions, she also offers a variety of classes and workshops in Los Angeles. She also regularly travels to Phoenix, 

and one-on-one sessions.  

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